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Philippe : CIO/CTO
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15e Arrondissement de Paris — 52ans

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52 ans

15e Arrondissement de Paris

CIO/CTO Philippe

Expériences professionnelles


MICHELIN Food & Travel - Paris, France
CIO & CDTO (Digital Engineering) - Intérim Manager (transition)

Jan 2019 - aujourd'hui

(Michelin Travel Partners)

Interim management of 2 departments, IT & Digital (~ 70 people, budget ~ 15M€ RUN + BUILD + people)

Company: subsidiary of MICHELIN, CA 100ME, 300 employees, web (400M visits/y) + mobile Apps, mobility, travel & fooding (digital+print)

Head of IT + Digital Engineering (web, mobile, automotive, print).

Replacement of 3 FTE: 1 TECH C-Level + CIO + CDTO.

Build: Crisis/change management, from a former organization to a new one, split into different digital factories/entities.

Run: In cooperation with product/marketing teams, development of digital assets and applications, maps, guides, etc. (Agile, feature teams, DEVOPS). Non-exhaustive list of tech platforms/tools: MAPPING FACTORY, CONTENT FACTORY (XMS-based), Mobile turnby-turn (real-time), SALESFORCE, JANRAIN/AKAMAI, ALGOLIA, SAGE, CLOUD (AWS, AZURE), SSO, ADOBE CAMPAIGN, MicroStrategy, MarkLogic, ELASTICSEARCH, KIBANA, DOCKER, JENKINS, NODE.JS, APACHE, JIRA, etc.

Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition - Paris, France
CEO, Founder & Transition/Interim Manager (CIO/CDTO - Digital engineering)

Avr 2009 - aujourd'hui

Consulting, Digital engineering/transformation, IS urbanization, Functional Architecture, software design/development (+UX/UI), IoT, AI, Service Delivery Management, Product Ownership...

PM/Service Delivery Manager: off-shoring of a portfolio of about 150 applications [RUN ~8 Millions € + BUILD]. Strong international environment [from Asia Pac to USA]. #ITIL #SLA #OLA, etc.

Development of a software engineering workshop based on B-ADSc (Bucki-Decisional Analysis of complex Systems = cybernetic/systemic method focusing on decision-making, and aiming at steering complex systems and modelling chaotic environments)

Offshoring SW Development of Thin-Track™ (Cameroun): Intelligent, distributed Real-Time Location System. It monitors object flows in nondeterministic environments (any assets: raw materials, spare parts, packaging, manufactured goods... in any places). Main features: hardware-free in/outdoor geo-localization, alerts/information, continuous inventory management. Thin-Track is the 1st 'Digital twin'-based application ( wiki/Digital_twin), based on 'Avatars' (cloud-hosted intelligent software twins, associated with their real physical objects), this concept has been reused by many stakeholders since then

Study/Report (GS1 Europe - all EU offices): ‘Main stakes, strategic and technical issues of the ONS in the context of the IoT‘ (CPG/retail/Supply Chain). See:

Study/Report: ‘Main stakes of the IoT’ (Orange Business Services)

Study/Report: ‘real-time multimodal platform project’ for the MEEDDM (French Ministry of Ecology, sustainable development, Energy, sea, Transports and tourism)

Design of a secured IoT platforms (major IT company), etc.

Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition - Paris, France
President, Co-Founder & CTO (automated & embedded AI)

Fév 2014 - aujourd'hui


AI / mobile 'SCRUM/AGILE Development': Product Owner & software architect/designer of kOOpt® (including UX/UI).

kOOpt® (Let's KOOpt in touch! ©) is the 1st automated and peer-to-peer free App to seamlessly book meetings and share objects / assets in B2B & C2C environments (between coworkers, neighbors, friends & family ...). kOOpt® also intends to be the next universal open & peer-to-peer marketplace, able to support any C2B process (including local service providers). kOOpt® is based on embedded & distributed Artificial Intelligence, real-time, massively parallel, highly scalable (nature of services, number of attendees, simultaneous negotiations...), able to support meeting cancellations. Of course, kOOpt® is 'privacy-by-design' & GDPR compliant: no data sharing: calendars, contacts, etc.

Have a look @ http://www.koo.ptand discover why kOOpt ® is much more than a simple booking App!

AFNOR Certification
Author of a book on the Internet of Things

Oct 2010 - Mars 2011

In this book, I am explaining the concept of 'Digital Avatars' (or 'CyberObjects'), which I coined around 2004, and which was lately adapted and called 'Digital twin' (or 'device shadow') by the IoT community ( Digital_twin). This book also mainly explains how the emergence of IoT necessary leads to a comeback of AI (Artificial Intelligence) ... it has been written in 2010, and is based on my R&D work from 2001 to 2009... Since then, reality has proven I was not far from truth...

The systemic perspective adopted by this book opens a much broader perspective, the only, I think, which allows the use of the word "internet " next to the one of "objects ". [...] It is not too early to take a serious interest in the Internet of Things, in which the book provides a valuable introduction. Want it to be read as both a contribution to reflection and a call to action. Daniel Kaplan, General delegate of FING (author of one of the book afterword).

Benedicta SAS - Rueil-Malmaison, France
Chief Information Officer & Privacy Officer

Août 2001 - Mars 2009

BENEDICTA: < Aug. 2008: Private company (LBO); former activity of Unilever sold to a private equity fund; ~300 employees; Food / CPG industry. > Aug. 2008: Part of HJ-Heinz, Stock exchange traded then recently transferred to a fund; 35.000 employees.

Head of IT department & COMEX collaboration: Roadmap, HR Management, Budget, reporting, Communication (IT/ Supply Chain/ economic press, conferences, Radio, round-tables ...), Sub-contracting / outsourcing: management, calls for tenders, specifications, negotiations, drafting & signing of contracts / SLA / QoS, Audit, studies, job specifications, project management, …

Application portfolio (main): 2 ERPs (SAP FI-CO-SD-MM-PM / MFGPRO), WMS, APS (N-SKEP), Merchandising, EDI, RFID, CAM (2 plants),

Development and implementation of BCP/DRP (Business Continuity /Disaster Recovery Plans), New projects (including change management): Accounting (SAP extensions),logistics (internal traceability), merchandising (sales force automation), manufacturing (COTS), first deployment of the AS2 standard in France (secured EDI with AUCHAN group), participation to the European BRIDGE project (co-funded by the European Commission under FP7), dedicated to EPCglobal standards (including RFID UHF GEN-2) for traceability purposes in the Supply Chain (work packages 2/3/4/9). Additional information: %E9dicta/en/.

Internet of Things: Initiator of the first operational pilot (in Europe) based on all standards and technologies from GS1/EPCglobal ( Scope: traceability of logistic units in an open loop (supply chain, FM Logistic, Carrefour). Implementation of the first independent European ONS root, distributed EPCIS and Discovery Services servers, additional technologies: ALE, TDS, TDT, RFID (UHF GEN2 96 - bit) and Barcodes (EAN 128 labels).

Other commitments: GS1 France steering committee (, CLUSIF, EPCglobal, IETF, AGORA DSI, CLUB EXPLOITATION NORD, etc.

Infineon Technologies SA (SIEMENS) - Saint-Denis, France
Information Technologies (IT) Manager

Mai 1999 - Juil 2001

First hired by SIEMENS France for its HL department > (Private company, 450.000 employees, semiconductors' industry); then, after the carve-out & IPO: Employee of Infineon Technologies France > (Private company, 65.000 employees, semiconductors industry).

IT Manager for France / member of COMEX: Sub-contracting / outsourcing : renegotiations of the existing contracts, management, calls for tenders, specifications, negotiations , drafting & signing of contracts / SLA / QoS, Audit , studies, job specifications, project management : Data warehouse & BI (Financial Reporting: Business Objects, DataStage), Knowledge Management, Infrastructure (X509, Active Directory, group policies, ...), transfer / migration of IT (From the "semiconductor" Siemens division, attached to Siemens France, To Infineon AG, Munich)

Working language: English, strong international environment.

Interpublic Group (IPG)
Information Technologies (IT) Manager

Déc 1996 - Mai 1999

Private company, ~45.000 employees, Marketing & Advertising IT Manager of Ammirati-Puris-Lintas (APL, now Lowe Lintas) France, direct report to the Group Chief Financial Officer (FRANCE-CCPM: APL + Lowe STRATEUS + INITIATIVE MEDIA).

Relocation of the French headquarter (two successive moves in a year) without service outage, Infrastructure LAN/WAN (Novell Netware, CISCO), 10 servers (data center), 350 workstations and associated devices/assets/peripherals, Outsourcing management (group's internal entity: FCCPM): contracts, monitoring, control of resources, Project management (infrastructure, DTP, EDM, financial reporting).


Mai 1994 - Déc 1996

Private company, ~5 employees, founding member of the group A2points (

VAR (LAN / WAN: LANTASTIC, NOVELL NETWARE), networks integration, IT Consulting for SMEs / SMIs, VAR for the insurance industry (brokerage software ASSUROR, PROVAL, Retail/Distribution of OEM/Branded PCs.

SEQUENCE GROUP - Paris, France
Business unit manager

Déc 1990 - Mai 1994

Sequence Group (,Private company, ~250 employees, Distribution and computer/IT services.

Management of Paris office: IX then XII district (Sequence is a network of VAR / Computer Distributors), LAN / WAN integration (BANYAN VINES, NOVELL NETWARE), Consulting for SMEs / SMIs, public organizations, research laboratories and big companies, Retail/Distribution of OEM/Branded PCs (IBM, AMSTRAD, HP).



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